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First Response International provides essential management solutions for First Response organizations.

Here is a list of features:

Competency Management
Provincial and National Alignment
Competency Achievement
Competency Tracking and Reporting
Content Management
Document Management
Document Access Reporting
Evaluation Development and Management
Evaluation Reporting
Content Sharing Between Member Regions
Industry-Approved Content
Library of Professionally-Produced Audio/Visual
Library of Professionally-Produced Illustrations
Presentation Access Reporting
Communications Management
Regional Branding
Community of Practice
Multiple Administrative Levels
Customizable Page Security
Calendar, Classifieds, and Reminders
Recruitment Management
In-take Evaluations
Multi-level Recruitment Steps
Multi-position Recruitment
Standards Management
Consistency of Information to All Employees
Easy Access to Protocols and Standards
Time Management
Access 24/7
Real-time Learner Feedback
Customizable Data Reporting Functions
Real-time Reporting and Tracking
Real-time Survey Tracking and Reporting

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